Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Brain appreciates the 3 day work week

Brain woke me up at 4am a few days ago with a sudden urge to recite the titles of all 7 Harry Potter books. Not in the mood to argue with brain, I went along with it. Brain did well, remembering 6 of 7 and got stuck on book #4. Brain refused to go back to sleep until it remembered the title. 45 minutes later, Brain was satisified with "Harry Potter and the Chalice of Malice". We know it is not right (and well, we did wake up 5 hours later with the revelation of "Goblet of Fire"), but we both agree that "chalice of malice" is a wicked title. We think Ms Rowling missed out on a great opportunity not using it. "Harry Potter and the Chalice of Malice" would have outsold any other HP book, in my very humble opinion.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Brain doesn't like Mondays, especially after a 4 day weekend

I feel like I am watching everything from space
And in a minute I'll hear my name and I'll wake

-The Finish Line, Snow Patrol

Tell me about it.