Friday, March 4, 2011

Brain Gets Mentioned in Magazine!!! Brain is Overwhelmed!

Earlier today, I was thinking that it has been a year since Yastoon came into this world. I was wondering if I should continue illustrating her adventures or if I should call it a day. I was sure that beyond my sisters and a few friends, very few people were reading it. But I thought, "heck, I love doing this, and I should keep it up, right?"

Then during lunch I get a call from my sister asking if I have ever heard of this publication called "Hangout" which is released Crepaway (a local restaurant chain). I haven't heard of it of course, and she says, that they have a section called "Blogs We Love" and that my blog is on it! I cannot tell you how happy that made me! I swear I have not stopped grinning for hours!

And, Crepaway, I love you too! I especially love your taquitos and salsalada! :D

So thank you for making my day! :D

♥ ♥ ♥