Thursday, January 14, 2010

Brain has been kept silent too long!

Brain was going insane for a week. We were getting our laptop upgraded from HELL (re. Vista) to Windows 7, and in the mean time, Brain felt like like a gagged prisoner. Brain did manage to get some thoughts on paper. We wrote an 8 page analysis on Lost and Dylan's "Visions of Johanna" but we still need to type it up, so that's not what Brain has to say today. That will be sometime this weekend, methinks.

Brain wants to rant today. Brain and I agree that there is this one thing that is unbelievably irritating which might send us over edge if it happens again this week. We despise, loathe, detest when you're standing waiting for the elevator in the lobby of a building, having pressed the "up" button already, because well, we were born after 1850 and know how things work, and then someone comes over, you give them the polite nod and take a slight step to the side. The elevator is taking some time, because it was already on its way up when you arrived, and both cars are now between floors 9 and 11, and in all honesty, you are not that eager to start the workday.

But then genius who just arrived, thinks they know how to make the wait shorter, and presses the down button, HA! that'll show the elevator ev0l powers that be. And then instead of just waiting for the elevator to come down 11 floors, we have to wait for it to go down 4 floors into the basement, or as genius would do, get in on the "down" trip and then go on a rampage when the elevator takes him to B4. "WTF is wrong with this effed up machine?!!?!?!?!"

And if you try to point it out, genius would give you that condescending head-cock and disapproving "hrmmph" and look down at you like you just crawled from under a rock and mumble under his breath "that's not how it works."

Next time, Brain and I have decided that we will stand real close to the button and slap the hand that will try to press the "down" button with a ruler's edge. ugh!

That is all.

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