Wednesday, January 20, 2010

iBrain misery

The only thing that keeps Brain from going insane at "work" is my trusty iPod Touch. You see, Brain and I do not do well in a cubicle environment.Working in a cubicle goes against everything Brain and I believe in. It hurts us to be working in a cubicle. We feel horrible that we are going against our most basic fundamental beliefs. Our current situation is slowly killing us. We are very close to pinning up "How can I think outside the box if I work in a cube" on the pin board next to us.

Anyway, given the current situation, Brain and I are depending on iSas to keep us from going all James McAvoy in "Wanted" on the situation. Statistics so far prove that iSas can last from 9am to 5pm on a continuous "Play" status without the battery dying. Yesterday, we decided to upgrade iSas. Now iSas is civilized enough to contain a number of applications. Last night was spent on an apps frenzy, downloading as many free apps as possible before collapsing on the keyboard at 3am.

Excited that there are new frontiers to cross in the "maintaining sanity" struggle, Brain made sure to check out every application. Yes, we now have the exciting toilet paper game that is a race against time trying to unroll the toilet paper roll as fast as possible. WIN.

Where's the problem, you say?

Battery died at 3pm.

Look out for me on the news tomorrow night. I'll be the "employee goes on rampage at 3.10pm this afternoon" story.

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